Secco Solar

Design Project (2013), in collaboration with AGU

Nightly cyclists are still a great danger to their selves when they don’t make them enough visible while cycling. Currently the standard to make these cyclists more visible with their clothing is to use reflective tape or print. Even though this is a great way to make these cyclists a lot more visible with the use of the lighting of cars being near and passing by, it still doesn’t make the cyclists visible from a larger distance.

With the concept jacket Secco Luna these cyclists are made better visible during the night. With the use of light emitting materials that works on a renewable energy source we make sure that even cars with a greater distance to the cyclist can see them.

The system works on a built in battery that are recharged through solar panel patches during daytime cycle trips, but is also able to run from the power of a mobile phone to make sure the cyclists at night are always visible.


  • Strategy
  • Concepting
  • Product Design