Conceptual Design Project (2014)

With in-vitro meat being a reality and coming closer to be released on the Dutch market it is important for us as designers to envision all the possibilities and advantages of in-vitro meat against regular meat.

The in-vitro meat is being developed due the rise of meat consumption in the world and it’s social and environmental impact.
In this project I tried to highlight that with in-vitro meat a lot of possibilities to improve our food will present themselves.

“Cuisinstant is the revolution in the fast meal segment. The ability to grow in-vitro meat made it possible to re-design the meat we are consuming to its full potential. When our developers at Cuisinstant are inventing a new piece of meat they focus on the whole experience of this piece of meat to make sure you can cook the most tasteful piece

of meat with the convenience of a coffee machine The meats of Cuisinstant meats are all designed to being cooked under three minutes.

The bones have a core of aluminum, which can be heated with a custom Cuisinstant ready kitchen machine. The kitchen machine works with induction fields specialized to heat the aluminum core of the bone. Within minutes your meat is perfectly cooked.”


  • Strategy
  • Concepting